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About us

About us

Mediation internationalMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is a leading mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service provider operating throughout Spain, across Europe and internationally. We provide family mediation, international and workplace mediation as well as civil and commercial, meeting/group facilitation, as well as multicultural/ADR/negotiation training.

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is comprised of dedicated mediators, ombuds, lawyers and trainers with a combined 100+ years of international experience specialized in providing services to  international organizations, governments and others.

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Kevin Brown

Mr. Brown is currently owner and President of  MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL and provides conflict management services locally as well as  on an international basis while being based in Madrid, Spain. *His services include; ombudsing, mediation, group needs analysis, conflict coaching, training courses, organizational systemic issue analysis, facilitation and more.He is currently providing his ADR services to United Nations (UNDP) on their roster of experts.

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Danielle Blommestyn

Danielle Blommestyn

Danielle is a Conflict Management Practitioner for the Director General Alternative Dispute Resolution with the Canadian Federal Government. She holds an Honours BA degree from Queen’s University, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University. In addition to her formal education, Danielle has over 150 hours of Mediation and Conflict Resolution training from ADR organizations.

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Ana Criado

Ana Criado

Ana Criado has been a mediator since 2005. Diploma in Expert in Mediation in the areas of Action and Applied Techniques in Conflict Resolution” (with Honorauble Mention). 

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Louise Engleman

Alexandra McAdam

Louise Engleman is a learning & development consultant.  She is a qualified trainer, coach, assessor and mediator, with multi-sector experience in private, public, Government and not-for-profit sectors. She has added value in both traditional and entrepreneurial environments, and has a strong track record in aligning appropriate development initiatives to deliver results in relation to individual and organizational needs.

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Alberto Elisavetsky

Alberto Elisavetsky

Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky is the Founder and Director of Online Dispute Resolution Latin-American, the Director of Social Conflict Observatory, National University of Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires Argentina, the Chairman of e-MARC Alternative Dispute Resolution Worldwide Online Spanish Congress,

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Guillermo Bendicho Gonzalez

Guillermo Bendicho Gonzalez

Lawyer and mediator. Partner at Brenes & Lawyers  law firm. Over 20 years of professional experience in criminal law and prison work in all courts and tribunals, and in all jurisdictional levels and guarantees and human rights courts as practicing lawyer. He has been Secretary of the on line and face to face Arbitration and Mediation Association (Adypam.org).

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Volker Hesse

Volker HesseVolker studied law at the Universities of Vienna (Austria) and Geneva (Switzerland) and received a doctorate in law in 2006 at the University of Vienna. He also successfully attended an International Executive MBA program at the Zurich University of Applied Studies (Switzerland) and completed various courses in mediation.

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Jo Holland

Jo HollandJo Holland is a  CEDR trained and accredited mediator specializing in small claim disputes. Her experience extends to in excess of 800 mediations.

She has developed a service offering proportionate dispute resolution using telephone and ODR. Jo has a large panel of mediators working across the UK and has developed links in other European countries to establish her type of mediation service for small claim disputes.

Christian Lamm

Christian Lamm

Attorney at law, Mediator and Coach

Mr. Lamm is owner of Lamm Consult, a consulting practice specialized in personal development and conflict management. He’s also an of counsel member at the Spanish law firm Bartolome & Briones, SLP.

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Andrés Vázquez López

Andres Vazquez LopezAndres Vazquez Lopez, is mediator. Postgraduate Specialist in Intercultural Mediation and Immigration, expert postgraduate in civil and commercial Mediation and Master in Mediation. He studied law at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid, and graduate studies at the latter university.

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Alexandra McAdam

Alexandra McAdam

Alexandra McAdam Clark is an accredited workplace and employment dispute mediator (ADRg) and member of the Civil Mediation Council. Her background is as a trade union officer for over 20 years in the medical public sector. She led the negotiations team on behalf of 5 trade unions (BMA, FDA, PCS, UCU and Unite).

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Sonsoles Morales

Consulting manager, speaker, facilitator of leadership programs and management developement for multinational companies in Europe and Latin America, advising their management committees regarding change management, strategic vision and diversity management. She is an Executive Coach accredited by Centro Europeo de Coaching Ejecutivo. MBA from New York City University  where she had worked for 7 years.

Emilio Navas

Emilio NavasEmilio Navas is founder of the firm Parra & Asociados in Madrid www.abogados-mediacion.com. Lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires. Notary Registry titualr 990. Lawyer at the Autonomous University of Madrid. He received a doctorate in law at the University of Comillas and obtained his DEA in Roman law at the UNED.

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Ángeles Roncoroni

Argentinian, Spain-based, lawyer researcher for Instituto Legal Research Prof. Dr. Hector Alegría in Buenos Aires and civil and commercial mediator for over 10 years. Executive Coach accredited by Centro Europeo de Coaching Ejecutivo. She also trains in the Universidad Católica Argentina and is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Lawyers Mediators Club in Buenos Aires (Club de Abogados Mediadores de Buenos Aires) and a Member of the Board of Directors of AECOP-EMCC in Spain.

Begoña Rubio

Lawyer with more that 15 years experience. Partner Manager of the Firm Rubio Roffignac Abogados, specialized in administrative litigation, civil and commercial law.

Ruth Sirman

Ruth Sirman

Ruth Sirman BSc., Acc Med., PS is an acclaimed speaker, trainer and mediator of unshakeable substance. Her knowledge of business, human behavior, and groups, plus her quick wit and humor based “down home” practicality help her to relate to clients of diverse backgrounds, ages and roles. In whatever capacity she is working with you she will keep you on the edge of your seat, leading you forward to new solutions and endless possibilities whether she is presenting a keynote at your conference or leading your team through an outdoor professional development session on the water in sea kayaks.

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Verónica Trapa

Entepreneur, with extensive experience in the development of business models and in the management of complex business projects. She is currently working as an organizational consultant, process and business development. She is a specialist in negotiation. She facilitates courses in Negotiation and Organization at ICADE. Economist, postgraduate degree in Business Administration by Berkeley University and PDG by IESE.

Antonio Tula

Antonio Tula

Lawyer. Mediator. “Strategic Management” Graduate dictated by the TEC. Monterrey (Mexico 2001). Master in Systemic Psychotherapy (Aconcagua University School of Psychology 2011). Master in “ European Masters in Mediation and Latin American “  ( Institut Universitaires Kurt Bosch Switzerland, 2015 ) “Criminal Mediation Consultant” (Autonomous University of Quito , Ecuador2009) Course Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict (Harvard University, USA 1995) Filed Mendoza since 2000. Holder of the Chair of Mediation in Lic. In Citizen Security and Mediation Chair Mr. Flia of Children and, in Argentina Mendoza Aconcagua University.

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TrainingMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of training courses (both in-house and online) tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

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Qué es la mediacíonMediation is a method of dispute resolution in which parties to an action attempt to reach an agreement with the assistance of a mediator.

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ADR & MEDIATIONMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of conflict related services locally, in-house and internationally.

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Qué es la mediacíonMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL has brought together some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field...

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Family Mediation

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International Mediation Institute

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is one of the few international mediation training organizations approved as a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for IMI Certification. As such, graduates from our rigorous program have the opportunity to receive international certification and be listed on IMI´s roster of mediators.
Requirements to participate in the IMI approved course are listed on our website.




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World Mediation Summit

MI is the Executive of the annual 'World Mediation Summit - Madrid' - www.worldmediationsummit.com