Antonio Tula

Lawyer. Mediator. “Strategic Management” Graduate dictated by the TEC. Monterrey (Mexico 2001). Master in Systemic Psychotherapy (Aconcagua University School of Psychology 2011). Master in “ European Masters in Mediation and Latin American “ ( Institut Universitaires Kurt Bosch Switzerland, 2015 ) “Criminal Mediation Consultant” (Autonomous University of Quito , Ecuador2009) Course Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict (Harvard University, USA 1995) Filed Mendoza since 2000. Holder of the Chair of Mediation in Lic. In Citizen Security and Mediation Chair Mr. Flia of Children and, in Argentina Mendoza Aconcagua University.

He has been a professor or visiting lecturer at numerous universities: the Graduate Mediation and Negotiation, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (1999); Autonomous University of Quito (2011), University of the Coast, Santa Fe, Argentina (2012/14); University of Cuyo Mendoza Argentina (2012) University of Buenos Aires (1996 to 2000), Lumen Gentuim University of Colombia (2011-2012), American Open University (UAI 1996/2000), Association of Architects of Navarre (Navarra Spain 2015) Averaging Institute (Madrid and Barcelona. Spain 2015)

He has received training abroad at Harvard University, USA (Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict Managment Inc) in 1995 professors Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton, Howard Raiffa and Danny Ertel. He has been trained by Sara Cobb and Carlos Sluzki, teachers from the University of Santa Barbara, USA in 1997, and Professor Douglas Stone, Harvard University, 2001. He has trained in approaches of Systemic School of Family Therapy by Tom Andersen (Canada), Gianfranco Cechin (Italy) and Peggy Penn (USA), 2000. He has participated in the biological matrix of human existence seminar taught by Dr. Humberto Maturana, 2000 have been trained in “Facilitation and Consensus Building Multiparty in Conflict “in the Foundation for Democratic Change (Member of Partners for Democratic Change), 2003. He has conducted research in the field of juvenile criminal mediation in the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Justice, Department of Criminal Mesures Alternatives of Juvenile Justice, Catalonia, Spain, 1999. He completed a Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Aconcagua.

Former associate professor of the department of Conflict Resolution Techniques, UBA (Faculties of Law, Psychology and Social Sciences), 1997 to 2000. Former professor of the chair of “Theory and practice of negotiation and mediation.” American Open University (Faculties of Law and Philosophy), 1997 to 2000. Former Professor at the School of Mediation of the Ministry of Justice. 1999 in the Bar Association of Capital Federal. 1997 to 2000.Invitado as an exhibitor at the Autonomous University of Quito – Ecuador, December 2008. Professor at the University of Aconcagua, School of Psychology. Professor at the UNC School of Medicine. It is part of the Body of Mediators Family Courts of the Province of Mendoza Argentina Author of “Systemic Approaches Mediation” (Ed “Acuerdo Justo t 2015 )” Mediation: Communication and Conflict (Ed.Aconcagua 2006)

 Has published numerous articles in journals international and shared authorship in books of our discipline