Participants & Methodology


The programme is intended for supervisors managers and executives who are involved in negotiations internally and external to the organization. Strategies will be provided to assist individuals persuade and convince others with whom they are in disagreement with whether it be within the workplace, with clients or with competitors.


Training Methodology

Our training approach is highly practical and participatory. We focus on real issues

and help participants to practice and use the techniques covered, rather than just discuss


Our training methodology is encapsulated in the phrase: “Never teach participants what

they can learn for themselves.”

The course will be carried out in small groups to ensure an interactive learning environment with sufficient time to address individual needs and encourage personal development. A variety of learning methods are employed to stimulate interest and meet the differing learning styles of participants – including real projects, numerous practical examples, and group exercises. We don’t use extensive PowerPoint in our courses, preferring more interactive and engaging approaches to facilitate learning. 

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