Course Programme

The course programme is shown as a 2-day course however is flexible enough to be delivered over a series of days or weeks to meet the needs of the clients.


  Time Day 1 Time Day 2

Welcome and intro
• Objectives & Expectations
• Agenda

Review and plan
• Review of day 1
• Structure for day 2

• Identification and discussion of causes negotiation breakdown
• Overview of the Negotiation

• Negotiation exercises:
Raising the issues, communication
skills, understanding and dealing
with emotions
10:30 Break
11:00 • Conflict Management Styles and how varying styles will impact negotiations
• Communication exercises
• Negotiation exercises:
Active listening and questioning skills
12:30 Lunch

• Use and misuse of communication tools
• Using Conflict resolution tools to aid in negotiations

• Negotiation exercises:
Brainstorming, Options, Agreement and Closure
15:00 Break
15:30 - 17:30 • Collaborative negotiation model
• Identification of the root causes of the conflict and how to overcome them in negotiations

• Negotiation exercises
• Personal action plan
• Evaluation of the course
• Q&A – Wrap up

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