Advanced Mediation Course:

(5 days: 50 hours)

This advanced mediation course combines ADR theory with practical application through interactive, skills-based instruction in mediation and negotiation strategies.



Prerequisites include a basic mediation course, pre-reading assignments, and a pre-attendance theoretical test. A role-play assessment of the participants will be conducted by expert assessors.

For the initial written test, the candidate is assessed on mediation theory including;

This course will further enhance a mediator’s skill set and their understanding and ability to negotiate and assist others in the resolution of their conflicts. This course will provide advanced learning and practice in the art of mediation. We will discuss dealing with emotions, intense negotiations, multiple bargaining styles, establishing goals in mediations, keeping the mediation focussed as well as;

 Training includes practical role plays in all aspects of negotiation and mediation.

Upon conclusion of the training, participants will be assessed on the following in their role-plays;

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