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Principles of Mediation

Respect & Equality

People have integrity and wish to have positive connections with others. We are all capable of change.

The greatest needs for inter personal mediation stem from issues of respect, equality and trust.


People can and should make decisions about their own lives. Transformative mediators utilize a vast range of strategies to encourage parties towards self empowerment and to think for themselves.

Mediators are not judges nor are they arbitrators.  The parties to the conflict decide their outcomes.

Ownership & responsibility

The people involved in a conflict, are in the best position to reach resolution.

The parties are continuously encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour and choices. (moving from blame to contribution)

Mediators present and control the process, yet the parties are people responsible for the content and the outcomes of mediation.


Parties always have a choice as to whether or not to enter, participate or continue in mediation. One of the foundations of mediation is the right of the parties to decide if they are willing to voluntarily participate.


Mediators do not reveal anything they hear in a mediation session unless authorized by the parties unless outlined in the memorandum of understanding or mediation agreement


There is always more than one side to a story (usually more sides than parties). Mediator’s role is not to take sides but to assist the parties listen to each other.

The aim is to achieve a win/win collaborative outcome that is long lasting for all.


Mediators do not provide counsel or advice. Mediators listen to the party’s explanation of past events and help the parties move forward by being future focussed.


FormaciónMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL ofrece un amplio rango de cursos de formación (tanto in-house como online) diseñados para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

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Qué es la mediacíonLa Mediación es un método de resolución de conflictos en el que las partes en disputa tratan de lograr un acuerdo con la asistencia de un mediador.

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ADR y MediaciónProporcionamos servicios ADR incluyendo Ombud, mediación, formación, coaching de conflicto, facilitación de grupo, análisis de necesidades de grupo, así como evaluaciones de conflictos de equipo y organizacionales.

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Qué es la mediacíonMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL ha reunido a algunos de los profesionales más experimentados y mejor formados del sector.

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World Mediation Summit

MI is the Executive of the annual 'World Mediation Summit - Madrid' - www.worldmediationsummit.com


imi qualifying assessment program

Mediation international es un proveedor líder de servicios de mediación y formación en ADR que opera en España y Europa. Proporcionamos servicios de mediación certificada a nivel internacional y formación a nivel intenacional; “mentorship” y coaching para mediadores noveles y experimentados a través de MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL, IMI yYMI; certificaciones y evaluaciones para cursos de mediación civil/comercial y otros cursos avanzados de mediación a nivel internacional. 

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