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Online Dispute Resolution

Online Mediation

Recognizing the incredible backlog of small claims in the Spanish courts and in response to the EU Directive on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and ADR for consumer disputes, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL has developed a cost-effective service which provides a proportionate method of dispute resolution for all types of consumer disputes.

By partnering with UK based Small Claims Mediation and mediateitonline™, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is able to handle high volumes of disputes.
The founders of mediateitonline™ have experience of conducting litigation and mediations in both the UK and Asia. We believe that the adversarial system of dispute resolution is gradually being eclipsed by mediation as it presents a more collaborative and solution based approach to resolving disputes. 

The team at mediateitonline™ are driven by the vision of providing innovative technology for organisations across the globe to manage and resolve conflict. We aim to improve access to online mediation for everyone and propel online mediation as an innovative and forward thinking method of dispute resolution.
Mediateitonline provides State of the Art Online Mediation Technology for organisation, independent mediators, mediation providers, corporate houses to setup, manage and run their own in-house online mediation service. One of significant benefits that we offer to you and your clients, is any dispute can be settled anywhere in the world, as long the parties have a 3G Connection. We are proud to be the first to offer a 3 in 1 service for you and your users. Depending on the nature of the dispute, your users can elect to use the multi purpose Chat or the Audio or the Video enabled chatroom or may choose to utilise all of them at the same time. So what are you waiting for, join us on a journey that will change the way disputes are being resolved the MIO way. 

The mediators at MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL recognize that many conflicts do not warrant the expense of face to face meetings (F2F), often involving lawyers and additional fees. At MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL we offer online mediation services in these situations. Our online services are provided at very low cost, prorated to the amount of the claim and counter claim. We offer online dispute resolution to many organizations in Spain and across Europe, assisting them resolve conflicts with their clients. Our resolution rate is impressive (94%) with over 90% of our clients continuing to work with the service providers post mediation.


TrainingMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of training courses (both in-house and online) tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

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Qué es la mediacíonMediation is a method of dispute resolution in which parties to an action attempt to reach an agreement with the assistance of a mediator.

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ADR & MEDIATIONMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of conflict related services locally, in-house and internationally.

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Qué es la mediacíonMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL has brought together some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field...

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The Young Mediators Initiative

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Family Mediation

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Mediation is a method of dispute resolution in which parties to an action attempt to reach an agreement with the assistance of a mediator.   Mediation is a flexible and informal form...

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International Mediation Institute

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is one of the few international mediation training organizations approved as a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for IMI Certification. As such, graduates from our rigorous program have the opportunity to receive international certification and be listed on IMI´s roster of mediators.
Requirements to participate in the IMI approved course are listed on our website.




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Bank wire transfer available, click here to contact us.

World Mediation Summit

MI is the Executive of the annual 'World Mediation Summit - Madrid' - www.worldmediationsummit.com